Parking Guidance System

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High volume parking facilities, such as the ones at malls, airports, stadiums, and casinos, tend to be chaotic and overwhelming for parking facilities owners, managers, and drivers looking for parking.  A lot of people roam around for very long periods of time searching for parking, resulting in very frustrated customers.  Our space guidance solution brings a systematic order to parking facilities, reducing time, energy, and frustration for drivers as well as facility owners and managers.

Space availability displays placed on every level guide drivers to the level with available space while vehicle detection sensors and vacancy indicator lights that turn red when occupied and green when vacant are placed at each parking space, alerting drivers to the exact space that’s available from a far distance.  For handicap parking spaces, the light combination is red and blue where red is on when the space is occupied and blue is on when the space is vacant.

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Space Guidance LED indicator 2


LED vacancy indicators are installed above each parking space, shining bright red while the space is occupied and bright green while the spot is vacant.  For handicap parking spots, the indicator switches between red and blue.  Each wireless indicator can display the vacancy of up to 6 parking spaces.  The light remains green until all linked parking spaces are occupied.

Power Dissipation:             1W
Transmitting Power :          5dBm
Communication Way:         RF communication
Transmitting Distance:       98.425 ft

Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor


Installed directly above each parking space, wireless ultrasonic sensors generate high frequency sound waves then evaluate the echo which is received back by the sensor.  Sensors calculate the time interval between sending the signal and receiving the echo to determine whether there is a large object like a vehicle underneath.

Power Supply Voltage:     1.5V Battery
Power Dissipation:           90uA
Battery Life:                     5 Years
Communication Way:       RF communication
Transmitting Distance:     98.425 ft



Space Availability Display


LED displays are installed at the main entrances and throughout the parking facility.  They display the quantity of parking spaces available in real time.

Panel Size:       14.173in x 4.724in
Dot Matrix:        48 x 16
Luminance:      300cd/m2


Parking Guidance Software


An image of the layout of each zone or level in the parking facility is embedded in the software. All parking spaces are marked on the image so that vacancy status of each individual space is displayed in real time. If needed in cases of blocking parking spaces or improper parking by a customer, manual override of the system is possible to reflect the actual vacancy count.

Space Guidance System


Parking Guidance Structure



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Parking Guidance Demo


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