Parking Guidance Video Based Technology

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The most frustrating situation parkers face when parking in garages or lots is locating their vehicle upon their return. With hundreds to thousands of possibilities and many floors or parking lanes to wander, searching for a vehicle is a stressful, time consuming, and energy draining task that is the last thing parkers want to do after a long, tiring day. Our vehicle tracking system takes the guess work out of locating a vehicle, achieving a stress free environment in your parking facility. Happy customers means happy profits.

Camera sensors are installed above each parking space that serve a dual purpose.  They scan each parked cars’ license plate number and they have red/green interchanging LED lights that indicate vacancy status of the parking space.  After the license plate numbers are scanned, the customers can search for the location of the car from a vehicle-locating interactive kiosk, significantly reducing time and taking the stress and frustration out of locating a car.

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Vehicle Tracking Kiosk



When the users input the license plate number, the kiosk will show images of two cars that have similar license plate numbers as the one entered. After the user selects the vehicle, the kiosk will display the car location and the user’s location at the same time in a map of the parking facility.

Display:                 LCD
Max Resolution:    4096 x 4096
Network Ports:       RJ45, RJ11


Vehicle Tracking Camera


Installed in the front of each parking space, they take pictures of each car’s license plate and sends the image to the multi-video processor.  The camera also has a vacancy indicating light that lights up red when the parking space is occupied and green when it is vacant.

Operating Voltage:    12V
Operating Current:    0.2A
Power:                       0.2W

space availability display


LED displays are installed at the main entrances and throughout the parking facility.  They display the quantity of parking spaces available in real time.

Panel Size:       14.173in x 4.724in
Dot Matrix:        48 x 16
Luminance:      300cd/m2

Parking Guidance Software



An image of the layout of each zone or level in the parking facility is embedded in the software. All parking spaces are marked on the image so that vacancy status of each individual space is displayed in real time. If needed in cases of blocking parking spaces or improper parking by a customer, manual override of the system is possible to reflect the actual vacancy count.


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Vehicle Tracking Demo


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