Q1. Have the solutions been deployed anywhere?

Absolutely. The solutions we offer have been successfully deployed by our supplier many times all over the world. With increasing interest and demand for their solutions in the U.S., they have recently partnered with us to be the exclusive distributor in the United States. Here is a link to their solutions’ deployment portfolio:



Q2. Do you handle the support related issues or does the original manufacturer?

For your convenience, we will gladly handle all support related issues including warranty, technical support, and hardware replacement for all products and solutions purchased from us.


Q3. Is it a maintenance nightmare?

No, once all of the components are properly connected and synced, it runs smoothly for the most part.  The reason you hear about major maintenance issues, such as signs that do not display the same space availability, is because other companies don’t realize that quality isn’t just in the product; it’s in the proper installation, synchronization, and support for the product as well.  We take the time out after each installation to not only ensure that everything is synced properly, but test the accurately of the system as well.  Post-installation, we provide hassle-free phone and on-site support if you have warranty support with us.  For wireless systems, batteries may need to be changed every 5 or so years but if you have warranty support with us, we will provide replacement batteries at no cost.  If parts need to be replaced because they stopped working, warranty support will cover it, no questions asked.  Also with warranty support if parts are stolen or broken we will cover up to 10% of each hardware part sold.  For example, if 1000 sensors and 60 zone controllers were purchased, we will replace up to 100 sensors and 6 zone controllers.