About Us

KYOSIS:  (pronounced key-o-sis) is a supplier of parking guidance solutions that help in managing and promoting parking facilities. We retrofit facilities with a system of vehicle detection sensors, vacancy status indicators, space availability displays, and way finding signs to attract drivers to the facility and efficiently guide drivers to the level with available space or even to the exact space that’s available. We also offer placement of facilities on a popular parking-search app, increasing visibility of the facility and allowing drivers to reserve and pay for a space as far as their home. Together, this significantly reduces time, energy, and frustration for drivers searching for parking while increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to the facility. For facility owners we help them greatly increase business, significantly improve efficiency, and collect and analyze more relevant data.  Our manufacturing partner has over 700 successful deployments in over 30 countries with over 300,000 parking spaces being monitored.  We are the exclusive distributor and supporter for the U.S. market.  Our solutions meet the needs of various industries and environments, and are customizable to meet practically any budget.

OUR MISSION:  Striving for efficiency through convenience and simplicity.

OUR VISION:  To offer easy to use and reliable products that improve efficiency for businesses and people, and back them with the highest level of support to create a seamless and worry-free experience.  For people, efficiency saves time and energy, while reducing stress.  For businesses, efficiency increases revenue and profits while reducing time, energy, and operating costs.

OUR PLEDGE:  We also hold dear to us, a vision of supporting local communities and the environment where we, and our clients do business.  As millions of children all over the U.S. have been affected during the economic downturn, many lack the basic necessities to function optimally in school.  We see the demand to support these helpless children so that they can focus their attention on their education rather than their endless hunger.  We have made a pledge to make a generous donation to feed a hungry child and plant a tree for every sensor purchased!  3 sensors purchased, means 3 very hungry children are supported with hot meals and 3 trees are planted to help save the environment. Now, imagine the impact we can make together when 300-3000 sensors are purchased for an entire parking facility!  Every little bit counts.  We take great pride in fulfilling our social responsibility and we encourage our customers to join us when we do so.

Feeding a Hungry Child for Every Sensor Purchased
Supporting Hungry Children in America
Planting a Tree for Every Sensor Purchased
Supporting the Environment Around Us
Eco Friendly
Solutions that Reduce Exhaust Emissions